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When your right to Workers' Compensation is unlawfully threatened, trust an experienced  legal team headed by a     dedicated lawyer, backed by a doctor and nurse staff.

Protecting Your Right to Compensation

Suffering an injury in the workplace is an all-too-common incident. This can occur in any industry and will leave you in pain, disabled, out of work and out of money.


Workers' compensation is here to protect you, but too often, employers fight against your claim. We're to help you win.

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You pay a lot for insurance coverage on your home, your vehicle, and your health. Shouldn't the insurance companies step up when it's their turn to pay you?


When they refuse your claim, make a poor offer to settle a claim, or don't respond, give our lawyers a call and win your claim with us.

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Make insurance pay what's due

Attorney Terrence Nealon, Jr. is a seasoned attorney with a focus on defending your right to worker's compensation. Mr. Nealon provides big-firm legal confidence with a personable and one-on-one touch, ensuring you're informed and cared for.