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Carelessness demands justice

If you suffered an accident at work due to your employer's carelessness or violation of safety codes, you deserve justice.


We'll go beyond the workers' compensation process and file a personal injury lawsuit on your behalf. Be it from dangerous equipment malfunctioning, toxic conditions, or other unnecessary hazards, your employer needs to know that you won't be taken advantage of, de-valued, or treated unsafely.

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You Can't Afford to Lose Your Workers' Compensation

It is unfortunately too common that workers' compensation claims are fought by the very companies whose employees are so loyal. If you suffer an injury at work and become unable to work, you deserve workers' compensation.


Between the lost wages, medical bills, mortgage, car payments, and all your other obligation, being out of work without compensation is overwhelming. The team at Foley Workers Compensation Lawyers is here to make sure that doesn't happen to you.

Being a construction worker is a dangerous job. If you suffer an injury at the work site, are you protected?


When your workers' compensation claim is fought by your employer,

call the Foley Workers Compensation Lawyers and win what's owed.

"Why a personal injury suit?"

Workers' compensation typically only covers your existing expenses and medical bills.

If you suffer traumatic injury or become disabled, you deserve to recover from, and

be compensated for, these added costs.


A personal injury suit may hold the property owner, general contractor, construction company, equipment manufacturers, and all other concerned parties accountable. They become responsible for compensating your pain and suffering, any wrongful deaths, paying punitive damages, and other long-term losses, so you can re-train and move on with your life.